Friends of the GSO

Friends of the GSO


We are grateful for and thank our Friends who have helped make this season possible with their generous donations.


Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development
The Dalio Foundation
Sylvia and Leonard Marx Foundation

Anita and Jeff  O’Sullivan
Mary J. Radcliffe
Cornelia Cogswell Rossi Foundation
Professor Arnold and Mrs. Connie Stancell
Joanne and Christopher Stavrou

Judith L. Biggs
Davey Foundation
Louise S. Hoffman
Lehman Foundation
Malcolm S. Pray Foundation
Resource Foundation
Jean Shropshire
Suzanne Simpson

Ron and Susie Dubin
Barbara Netter
David and Kathleen Renton

Lenore de Csepel
Jonathan and Elysia Doyle
Dr. Susan Stokes Ellis
Dennis and Donna Monson
Stephen and Naomi Schiff Myers

Christine and Stephen Boies
Anders and Marianne Ekernas
Bruce Croaning and Barbara Fenton
Gibbons Foundation
William Gottschalk
The Per and Astrid Heidenreich Family Foundation
Heimbold Foundation
Jean-Pierre and Anne Kemper
Sok Nam and Harold Kuplesky
James T. and Susan G. Larkin
Don and Jan Marchand
Carolyn McArdle
Maggie and David McGirr
Linda E. McMahon
Robert E. Morris Jr.
Nancy B. Mott
Charles J. Persico
Adriana and Bob Phillips
Janice and Gary Riddell
Christine and Rolf Sellge
Jane and Richard Slagle
Caralliene Westbrook
Marianne Wyman

Melanie Baker
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Boardman
Jacqueline Braunthal
Nancy Cunniffe
Philip and Maria Fecher
Daphne Finney
L. Scott Frantz
Sue and Bob Grele
Margreth M. Hilgefort
Edward and Linda Hortick
William and Barbara King
Mrs. John C. Lowe
Robert and Barbara Luce
Angenette Meaney
Jack and Lu Morris
Edmund R. Noonan
Lolly Prince
June Richey
Ausra and Charles Riegle

Marilyn and Stuart Adelberg
Sue H. Baker
Mark Baran
Robert Burns
Steven and Marilyn Cahn
Beatrice and Peter Crumbine
Jennifer and Michael Freitag
Kathryn and Joe Gagliardi
William and Katherine Gaillard
Erika Hall
Mrs. Howard E. C. Hall
Margaret and David Heap
Bill and Martha Howland
Bo and Natalie Jarnstedt
John Larkin
Alan Lesure
James and Margot Mabie
JoAnn and Kevin McDermott
Robert and Ferne McGinnis
Juan and Virginia Meyer
Morgan and Elizabeth Mitchell
Phyllis and Bruce Nicholas
Judy Schedler
Maureen M. Smith
Bev and Mike Smith
Suzanne Storr
Peter J. Tesei
Corinne Tolles
John F. Toner
Frederick and Vivian Wu
Dr. and Mrs. Eric K. Zitzmann

Carola and William Allred
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Burns
Virginia Campbell
Josephine Chen
Mary Anne Cipolla
Julian Cohan
Richard J. Cohn
J Shelby Cunningham
Madeleine Duerst
Cory and Janet Dunham
Pauline and Richard Franck
W Michael and Ellen Funck
Barbara Hopkins
Jeanne Host
Estelle Clausen Jones
Robbie Kestnbaum
Mrs. Thomas S. Knight, Jr.
Charles and Joy Land
Rita A. Lapcevic
Louis van Leeuwen
Valerie S. Makin
Stuart and Sue McCalley
Betsy and Bob Mulcare
Elyse Nathanson
Marjorie Neaderland
Lydia B. Petty
Gary and Susan Taplin
Sally C. Thebaud
Albert B. Weil

Dorothy Friedman
Ann Koontz
Len and Adele Lewis
Alexander J. Robertson, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Shapiro
Margaret Esme Simon
Carolyn Trachtenburg
Lindley and Allen Young