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GSO Administration

Board of Directors

Mary J. Radcliffe, President

Richard J. Slagle, First Vice President, Counsel

Frederick Y. Wu, Treasurer

Lenore de Csepel, Secretary

Anita B. O'Sullivan, Publicity

Joseph Williamson Jr., Operations

Sandra Heikel, Coordinator, Young People's Concerts

Stuart C. Adelberg, Sue H. Baker, Robert Burns, Kirsten Linquist Craw, Jean S. Crocco, Mary Fike, Gideon Fountain, Maria C. Friscia-Dubaz, M. Pierre Gourdon, Rita Lapcevic, Robert H. Lawrence, Jr., Robert E. Luce, Laura Newell, Krystal Paris, Albert T. Primo, Peter J. Tesei,

Young People’s Concerts

Tara Simoncic, Music Director and Conductor

Sandra Heikel, Coordinator of Programs and Performances

Laura White Newell, Arts Coordinator for Greenwich Public Schools

Mary Blackwell, Carol Courtney, Rita Lapcevic, Anita O'Sullivan

GSO in Greenwich Schools

Mary Radcliffe, Laura White Newell, Anita O'Sullivan

Corporate Funding

Vincent J. Fiorentino, Albert T. Primo, Janice B. Riddell

Endowment Fund

Sue Baker, Vincent J. Fiorentino, Bob Lawrence, Anita O’Sullivan, Chris Stavrou, Frederick Y. Wu

Publicity and Public Relations

Anita B. O’Sullivan, Chair

Nancy Mazzoli, Janice B. Riddell, Suzanne D. Simpson, M. Pierre Gourdon, Richard Schneider

Music Committee

David Gilbert, GSO Music Director and Conductor

Tara Simoncic, Mary Radcliffe, Daniel Miller, Richard Schneider, Christopher Stavrou, Richard Wolter

Program Notes

Richard Schneider

Program – Advertising

Mary Radcliffe, Co-Chair

Nancy Mazzoli, Co-Chair

Symphony Swing Benefit Chair

Sue H. Baker

Chamber Players of the GSO

Christine Boies, President

Steven J. Leifer, Treasurer


Capital Financial Management